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InvoiceFair is an online invoice trading platform where progressive companies and sophisticated investors trade approved invoices.

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Why InvoiceFair

InvoiceFair as a 'Trusted Financial Marketplace’ enables you to invest in invoice receivables, a new asset class, and earn attractive returns.

If part of your portfolio is sitting on deposit, yielding little or no return,  membership of our ‘Trusted Marketplace can provide you with the opportunity to transfer this latent capital, trapped in banks, to help successful companies grow while you enjoy returns which are a multiple of current deposit rates.


As an Investor member you can access this secure, high yielding, short duration and uncorrelated investment class having the comfort of knowing that our experienced team have robust processes for registering member Companies and the invoice receivables that they offer for sale.

Invoices and Debtors are all validated and independent credit reports are provided. Only investment quality Debtors will be approved on the platform and all investor funds are channelled through segregated client banks accounts.


You retain control over the duration and size of the investment and have scope to diversify across single or multiple invoices and over a wide range of industry sectors. With direct access to the latest Experian reports on member companies and their debtors you are well positioned to make your own investment decision. 

How it works

Getting set up with InvoiceFair is simple. After the initial registration and on-boarding process simply follow our 4 Step guide to becoming an investor.


Funds Deposit

Deposit funds into the InvoiceFair Segregated Client Account.


Auction Activity

Await alert that an Auction is commencing. Auctions occur regularly.


Trusted Marketplace

Log in to the Trusted Marketplace and begin bidding.
When auction closes, we facilitate the transfer of funds from the winning bidder to the Invoice Seller’s bank account. 


Investment Return

On the settlement date the Debtor pays the total invoice amount due into our Segregated Account. We return your initial investment plus your gain, less fees. 

Who can become a Member

To qualify as a Buyer Member of InvoiceFair you must be a institutional investor or a high net worth professional investor. We welcome suitable investors with the appropriate knowledge and experience.

  • High Net Worth individuals

  • Hedge Funds

  • Companies

  • Family Offices

  • Pensioneer Trustees

  • Asset Managers


Ours fees do not vary according to different factors, size, duration etc. We simply charge you 20% including VAT of the gain you make on the transaction.


All other fees are charged to the Selller to cover member to cover due diligence, credit assessment, Experian risk reports and bank fees for the operation of our segregated clients accounts.


If you’d like to get started then get in touch with us or sign up online to begin.

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