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How it works

Generate Working Capital Quickly Through Single Invoice Trading

InvoiceFair is an online invoice trading platform where progressive companies and sophisticated investors trade approved invoices.

InvoiceFair enables you to gain fast access to highly competitive and flexible working capital by connecting you with a range of approved Investors competing to buy your invoices and so driving down your cost of finance. You can turn your invoices into cash in as little as 24 hours, and remain fully in control.


Access to this immediate source of finance makes your task of managing cashflow simple and it ensures you have the means to fund future growth.


There is an initial Seller registration fee of €399 plus VAT and a once off verification fee of €89 per Debtor submitted. An annual Seller registration fee of €249 plus VAT applies thereafter.

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The process is fast, simple, transparent and efficient

After the initial registration and onboarding process, simply follow our 4 step guide to becoming a seller.

Upload Invoice and Set Your Parameters

• Upload your invoice for approval
• Set the percentage of the invoice amount you wish to sell up to a maximum of 90%
• You choose the minimum price you will accept for the invoice

The Auction

• The invoice is auctioned to approved Buyers
• When the daily auction ends the invoice is sold to the highest bidder

Funds Transfer

Funds are transferred from the Buyer to the Seller via the InvoiceFair Segregated Client Account.


• The invoice is paid into the InvoiceFair Segregated Client Account by the Debtor and the funds are distributed to the Buyer. The unsold balance of the invoice is distributed to the Seller.