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  • What is Single Invoice Trading?

    Single Invoice Trading is a growing mainstream international alternative finance product that enables businesses to accelerate their working by choosing to sell select single invoices on the InvoiceFair marketplace to sophisticated investors who are seeking attractive returns.

  • Can I use InvoiceFair to release immediate cashflow?

    If your business sells goods or services to large good quality customers, then you can sell single or multiple invoices on InvoiceFair.

    The key requirement is that your end customers must be large high quality companies (with turnover generally greater than €10m) and who have a credit score indicating a lower than average credit risk, or public bodies.

    Seller members will usually have

    – at least twelve months trading history

    – annual revenues of at least €1.0m

    All members must also pass our financial and anti fraud checks.

  • How is Single Invoice Trading different to traditional Invoice Finance?

    Single invoice Trading allows a business to only sell the invoices you want to sell when you want to sell them, giving you control and flexibility to recycle your working capital quicker enabling increased growth and profitability in your business. You are not tied in with any long-term commitments, covenants, collateral or personal guarantees. There are no ongoing monthly service fees or non-use fees.


    With traditional Invoice Finance your ability to raise finance against an invoice can be restricted because of concentration, geographic or other factors. However with Invoice Trading once you and your debtor are approved you can post an invoice for sale as and when you need, without restriction. With InvoiceFair there are no contracts and there are no hidden fees and your actual cost of finance is always clearly known.

  • How much does it cost?

    Seller members pay an initial registration fee of €399. Sellers nominate the Debtors whose invoices they wish to trade and a fee of €89 per debtor nominated applies. Thereafter an annual fee of €249 is payable to continue as a Seller member.


    Unlike other invoice trading platforms Invoicefair has a totally transparent and fixed fee structure when you want to sell an invoice. Sellers pay a fee equivalent to 1% of the invoice amount to trade an invoice on the marketplace, irrespective of its amount or duration. When a Seller posts an invoice for sale in the marketplace they control the minimum price at which they will sell the invoice by fixing a Reserve Price. The discount at which the receivable is sold is determined by the buyers in the market and is driven down by InvoiceFair’s competitive auction process resulting in the best possible deal for the Seller.

  • Can my business apply to become a Seller Member of InvoiceFair?

    In order to apply to become a member of InvoiceFair a business must be an incorporated entity trading for at least twelve months with annual revenues (actual or forecast) of at least €500k. You must be selling goods or services to at least one substantial customer or public services organization either in Ireland or overseas and such customer must have an acceptable below average risk credit rating. If your business meets these criteria then apply now to become a member.

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  • How does Invoicefair assess Sellers?

    InvoiceFair undertakes a stringent checking procedure prior to any business becoming a Seller member and trading its invoices on the marketplace. We run detailed anti-fraud and credit checks on your business and check for other debentures and charges given as well as your sales terms and conditions. However, it’s a pretty quick and painless process and we’ll be there to guide you all the way.

  • What kind of debtor is acceptable in the InvoiceFair marketplace?

    The Seller must demonstrate that it has verifiable credit sales of goods or services to low risk end customers. These end customers should have annual revenues greater than €5.0m and a below average credit risk profile. The main thing is that the invoice you’re planning to sell is one raised on an unrelated low risk corporate or public service.

  • What size invoices can I sell?

    The minimum invoice that can be sold in the marketplace is €20,000 and it is possible to bundle a number of smaller invoices to meet this minimum. Invoices must be due for settlement in 90 days or less. There is no limit as to maximum invoice size.

  • What happens if the invoice is not paid on time, or at all?

    The invoice sale is with recourse to you and in the event of non-payment by your trade debtor you will have to repay the amount owed to the Buyer. If payment of the invoice is delayed for a short period and is advised in advance to InvoiceFair, then, subject to the agreement of the Buyer, the payment date of the invoice may be extended. Late payment fees will apply.

  • I have an existing Invoice Finance facility; can I sell invoices on Invoicefair’s marketplace?

    Yes. However, the invoices you wish to sell must be unencumbered and you may need to obtain the agreement of your existing invoice finance provider. We will be happy to discuss your particular circumstances with you in total confidence.

  • I currently have traditional bank facilities, why should I consider InvoiceFair?

    Prudent businesses will have a diversified portfolio of funding options. InvoiceFair believes that all companies should be utilising invoice trading as part of a strategy to widen their funding base and lessen their dependency on traditional banking relationships. In the InvoiceFair marketplace there are multiple potential Buyers and market based pricing means more certainty of funding as there are multiple sources of finance all in one centralised platform. Moreover, there is significant buyer demand for invoices meaning highly competitive funding rates.

  • Who are the investors who buy the invoices?

    Your invoice will be bought by a number of professional investors. These people tend to be high net worth individuals or institutional investors, part of a family office or hedge fund. Active investors are only accepted as Buyer members of InvoiceFair if they pass our stringent checks.

  • Will my customers know if I have sold the invoice?

    Yes, your customer whose invoice you wish to sell will be aware that you have sold the invoice as we ask them to verify your invoice. However, you retain the communication with your customer and it is your responsibility to ensure the invoice is paid when it falls due. Your customer will pay the invoice to a segregated account controlled by us. InvoiceFair will not get involved in the collection other than issuing a reminder to the Debtor of the payment instruction close to the due date, but in some circumstances the Seller may do this. We will review this with the Seller on an ongoing basis.

  • Is there lots of paperwork and admin?

    InvoiceFair’s marketplace has been developed by experts to ensure that is very simple and easy to use. It is a totally web based facility and there is minimal administration on your part. A comprehensive on-line dashboard allows you to quickly check the status and details of all invoices you have traded. To make a trade you simply upload your invoice and supporting documentation. The process is clear and very straightforward.

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