Release immediate cashflow through
single invoice trading.

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Sell your invoice and get paid immediately. See how our secure and easy to use invoice trading marketplace can help you release cash tied up in your debtors.

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Generate cashflow in as little as 24 hours

You control the amount required and the cost

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Step 1.Upload Invoice and Set Your Parameters

Step 2.The Auction

Step 3.Funds Transfer

Step 4.Settlement

  • Upload your invoice for approval
  • Set the percentage of the invoice amount you wish to sell up to a maximum of 90%
  • You choose the minimum price you will accept for the invoice
  • The invoice is auctioned to approved Buyers
  • When the daily auction ends the invoice is sold to the highest bidder
  • Funds are transferred from the Buyer to the Seller via the InvoiceFair Segregated Client Account.
  • The invoice is paid into the InvoiceFair Segregated Client Account and the funds are distributed to the Buyer. The unsold portion of the invoice is repaid to the Seller.

Elegant. Simple. Innovative.

Our Easy to Use Web Application

Key Benefits

  • Generate cash in as little as 24 hours
  • You control the invoices you sell, the amount required and the cost
  • No personal guarantees or debentures required
  • No long-term contracts – pay as you go
  • Multiple investors bid down your cost of finance


  • You control the minimum price at which you will sell your invoice. Investors compete to set the best price, lowering your cost of finance
  • We charge the invoice seller a transaction fee of 1% of the invoice value